Faculty Summer Support Opportunity for Cognitive Science Course Development

Dec. 1, 2015

The Program in Cognitive Science seeks proposals from faculty who are interested in developing undergraduate courses with substantial cognitive science content. This could involve developing a brand new course, or could involve rethinking an established course so as to include rich, interdisciplinary cognitive science content. The course would be cross-listed with Cognitive Science (CGS), though it need not have CGS as its primary designation. The Program will support successful proposals by providing $5000 in summer money to the course instructor, or $3500 each to co-instructors. (NB: To receive summer money, faculty must be eligible under DOF guidelines. Faculty may opt to receive research funds in the same amount instead.)

For consideration, faculty should send a brief description of the proposed course to Brigid Sudnick [email protected] by January 15th 2016. For new courses, applicants should indicate a desire to ultimately convert the course to permanent status, and teach it regularly going forward. For existing courses rethought, applicants should include a short description of how the course is currently being taught, and explain how the rethinking will increase its connection to cognitive science. Applicants should indicate that they have discussed these plans with their department chairs/associate chairs, and that they have the support.