Announcing the 2024 Winners of the Senior Thesis Prizes

May 22, 2024

Please join us in congratulating the 2024 winners of the senior thesis prizes in Cognitive Science.

The Dr. Robert J. Glushko Independent Research Prize in The Program in Cognitive Science is for students earning a certificate from the Program in Cognitive Science, and nominations for the best interdisciplinary senior thesis in cognitive science may be made by any advisor in any Department. Faculty will make this determination based on the originality, quality, and potential impact of the research. 

Glushko Prize:

“Adding with Alternative Carries: An Investigation of the Inductive Biases of Artificial Neural Networks 

Cutter Dawes, Mathematics

Advised by Jonathan Cohen

The George A. Miller Prize in Cognitive Science is given annually to the best interdisciplinary senior thesis in cognitive science. Nominations for this prize may be made by any senior thesis advisor in any Department. The prize is funded by the Office of the Dean of the College. 

Miller Prize:

“Distilling Symbolic Priors for Concept Learning into Neural Networks”

Ioana Marinescu, Computer Science

Advised by Tom Griffiths

“Saccadic Bias and Increased Bilateralization in Bidirectional Arabic-English Readers”

Mariam Latif, Neuroscience

Advised by Jesse Gomez