2017-2018 Cognitive Science Graduate Student Research Award Recipients

Friday, Dec 8, 2017

Congratulations to the 2017-2018 recipients of Cognitive Science graduate student research funding!

2017-2018 Graduate Student Research Awards
Recipient Project Title
Joseph Avery (Psychology) A Novel Application of Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning: Understanding and Improving
Nathan Cheek (Psychology) Exploring the Role of Motivated Reasoning in Judgments of Lying
Sammy Floyd (Psychology) Reconciling meaning and learning: cases of polysemy
Angela Radulescu (Psychology & Neuroscience) Mood-induced sharpening of attention in human reinforcement learning
Tracy Reuter (Psychology) Look at that prediction via stimultion: Using spatial deixis to evaluate theoretical claims in psycholinguistics
Karina Tachihara (Psychology) The Role of Memory Suppression in Language Learning
Taylor Webb (Psychology) Reconsidering Unconscious Perception


RecipientProject Title

Joel Finkelstein (Psychology) & Taylor Webb (Psychology)A systematic investigation of attitudes on folk psychological concepts

Samantha Floyd (Psychology) & Jessica Schwab (Psychology)The influence of contrastive training on children's learning of scalar implicature

Adam Lerner (Philosophy)Investigating the Role of Perspective-Taking in Moral Judgment with Virtual Reality

Gandalf Nicolas (Psychology)Measuring the content of stereotypes through free response

Madalina Vlasceanu (Psychology)Retrieval Induced Forgetting in the Equity Premium Puzzle