Cognitive Science Movie Night + Panel for Undergraduates

Thu, Nov 15, 2018, 5:30 pm
Langfeld Lounge, 201 Princeton Neuroscience Institute

Please join the Cognitive Science Graduate Student Fellows for a screening of Hysteria, film that portrays the once-common medical diagnosis of "hysteria" among women and the variety of medical treatments that were applied during the Victorian era.  Informal panel discussion featuring graduate students:

  • Brett Karlan (Philosophy)
  • Gandalf Nicolas Ferreira (Psychology)
  • Tracy Reuter (Psychology)
  • Nina Rouhani (Psychology and Neuroscience)
  • Madalina Vlasceanu (Psychology)

PDF iconcognitive_science_movie_night_nov_15.pdf

All undergraduate students interested in cognitive science are encouraged to attend!  RSVP: